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Tips in Negotiating Lease Agreement for Commercial Space

Part of being a knowledgeable entrepreneur is knowing how to negotiate. In leasing a commercial space, it is important to negotiate the terms with the landlord in order to get a fair standing on the contract. 7 Tips to Negotiate a Commercial Lease Contract 1. Get Initial Asking Terms in Writing During the preliminary exchanges [...]

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Signs your Commercial Space Needs Renovation

At some point in your business, you will realize the need for your commercial space to be remodeled or renovated. This could be due to wear and tear or you may just want to do some upgrades. But how do you really know if your commercial space needs renovation? 5 Signs Your Commercial Space Needs [...]

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7 Tips on Renting a Commercial Space

The value of finding the best commercial space for rent is unquestionable especially when starting a business. Even with a great product, you can’t expect your business to flourish if you haven’t given much thought in finding a good place to lease. Certainly, you can’t just rent a commercial space without carefully assessing the place. [...]

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10 Low Budget Business Ideas for Year 2017

Never believe the notion that only people with big capital can start a business. Remember that most world brands only started in garages. All you need is to think and act. As Bill Gates puts it: “ an outstanding job with information. How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or [...]

7 Tourist Spots in Cavite You Don’t Know About

Cavite is more than Aguinaldo Shrine and Tagaytay. While it is home to many historical sites, it is also a good place to enjoy nature-tripping, extreme adventure and more! In this article, we give you Cavite’s tourists spots that you probably don’t know about. 1. Bahay na Tisa Image Source: LET'S TRAVEL BACOOR Cavite is [...]

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10 Most Common Christmas Gifts You Can Get At Shopping Malls In Cavite

There is an enchanting pleasure in unwrapping the gifts we receive during Christmas. This joyous experience usually ends with gratitude. However, there are times when your excitement drops after learning that you received the same items in a single Christmas celebration from three different people. Everyone becomes busier as Christmas Day gets nearer. That’s why during [...]

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5 Reasons A Commercial Space For Rent is Better than an Online Store

Putting up an online store seems very promising, especially now that more customers are connected online. Venturing to e-commerce may be an option for your business, but choosing an online store over a commercial space for rent is not always a wise decision. A retail analyst from Forrester research noted that the internet is a [...]

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