Summer is not just about the sun and the sand. Though it is the perfect time for vacations, its also a great time to make more money.

With an entrepreneurial mind and the best business ideas, you can easily turn an ordinary summer into a profitable venture that you can continue even after the summer season has passed.

Here’s an infographic that features the best summer business ideas to help you start an income-generating biz during the hot season.

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas this Summer

1. Cold Desserts

Beat the heat this summer and sell all-time Pinoy favorites like halo-halo and mais con hielo. Because ingredients are fairly common in the market, the starting capital could be as small as Php500, and the potential earning is big!

2. Refreshing Beverages

In the sweltering months of April and May, what the kids and adults alike need are refreshing thirst quenchers. Palamig, our all time Filipino favorite, together with fruit shakes will surely hit among buyers on busy streets.

3. Ice Candy and Iced Water

You can earn cash even when you only stay at home. Ice candy and ice water business at home can earn you thousands by the end of summer. This is a perfect business idea for the kids!

4. Ice Cream Dealership

Who doesn’t love ice cream? For as low as 5,000 pesos, you can carry a local ice cream brand to sell in your neighborhood. This is a profitable business idea that’s sure to be a huge hit this summer!

5. Food Carts

Sell inihaw goods like barbeque, betamax, isaw or street foods like fishball, kikiam, kwek-kwek and more. Good thing about this is that you don’t have to franchise and invest in costly equipment to start.

6. T-Shirt Printing

Leverage summer events by starting a t-shirt printing service. These sweltering months are also the time for local Pinoy events like Basketball and Volleyball leagues, company activities, family and school reunions and a lot more.

7. Accessories Shop

Complete your t-shirt printing business by selling accessories like personalized necklace, bracelet, cap, bandana etc. You can also sell customized gift and giveaway items like mugs, ballpen, journal and others.

8. Tutoring Services

Earn while sharing your talents by teaching music, swimming or advanced academics to kids who are off from school for the long summer months.

9. Rental Services

As people find ways to get occupied and break the boredom this summer, why not rent out sporting equipment, books and swimming gears? Rental service is a lucrative business that you should consider.

10. Yard Sale Organizer

If you have found selling hand-me-down items a good business stint, why not sell your yard-sale skills to others who can’t do it by their own. You can also make it big and organize a bazaar in your place.


Summer could be the start of something big. Tap the entrepreneur in you and start finding a commercial space for rent that offers a huge chance for your summer business to prosper.

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