Cavite is more than Aguinaldo Shrine and Tagaytay. While it is home to many historical sites, it is also a good place to enjoy nature-tripping, extreme adventure and more! In this article, we give you Cavite’s tourists spots that you probably don’t know about.

1. Bahay na Tisa

Bahay na Tisa


Cavite is well known for Aguinaldo’s Victorian-style mansion where tourists can find the original flag that was unfurled during the Declaration of Independence. But unknown to many is the Bahay na Tisa in Bacoor, dubbed as the first Malacanang. It is where President Emilio Aguinaldo first put up his office as president. It is a luxurious 19th century bato-na-bato and is named as Bahay na Tisa after the material used as its roofing called “tisa”. This is an instagram-worthy place for history buffs.

2. Pico de Loro

Pico de Loro

Image Source: Flickr by mkirader

Pico de Loro might not ring a bell to some. But for mountain climbers, it is a sought-after spot for trekking. Pico de Loro is a beautiful mountain in Maragondon, Cavite that offers a beautiful terrain and easy trail. But wait for the challenging climb towards the summit of Pico de Loro and the exhilarating journey from the summit to the base. If you’re looking for a unique and trouble-free nature adventure near Manila, Pico de Loro should be on your list.

3. Imus Cathedral

Imus Cathedral

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons by Elmer B. Domingo

Next time you do visita Iglesia, don’t forget to include the Imus Cathedral. This early 19th-century church is the seat of the Diocese of Imus. The structure is one good example of an earthquake-proof Baroque structure with massive stone walls and belfry. For cultural experience or spiritual fulfillment, the Imus Cathedral is a must-visit place in Cavite.

4. Museo de La Salle

Museo de La Salle

Image Source: Ryel Medina

Cavite is a great place to visit museums and historical places. At Museo de La Salle, you can get a glimpse about what was life like as an Ilustrado during the 19th century. It houses antique furniture, heirlooms and decorative objects. You can also find a 19th century manual ceiling fan, china wares and intricately decorated carroza and innumerable interesting items. It is situated inside De La Salle University Dasmariñas whose alumni include Marian Rivera and Diether Ocampo.

5. Cabag Cave

Cabag Cave

Image Source: AdveNature

Of the three known caves in Cavite, Cabag in Maragondon is the most popular. But it’s also probably never been part of your Cavite trip itinerary. What makes Cabag cave special is the underground river that is reminiscent of that in Palawan. The 50-meter long subterranean river along with rock formations inside the cave is a real natural beauty you’ll regret missing.

6. Paragliding in Carmona

Paragliding in Carmona

Image Source: Paraglide Philippines

Cavite is also a growing hub for adventure and extreme sports. Don’t miss paragliding at Carmona Ridge! This is your chance to actually fly with wings. A good dose of adrenaline will enable you to paraglide without a tandem to support you. This is also good for couples who want to experience gliding through the air together.

7. Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island

Image Source: Flickr by yeowatzup

While Corregidor is popular during halloween TV specials, this island of horrific ruins and splendid beaches is often a forgotten tourist spot in cavite. However, it’s nothing short of giving you an unforgettable vacation experience.
First of all, it’s the best place to revisit the atrocities of Pacific war and pay homage to the heroism of thousands of Filipinos during the war. Aside from ghost hunting, you can also enjoy nature & sport adventure like ATV ride, bird watching, biking, hiking and zip-line. The island’s shores also offers a good place for beachcombing and swimming.

Do you know other tourist spots in Cavite that people know little about? Share it with us by commenting below.
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